Our Three Peas


Good morning SITStah’s! Can you believe that we are one week away from Christmas Eve? Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Before you get your day started stop on by and visit our featured blogger Our Three Peas. ? Hi! I am Michelle and this is my blog! I am a full time mama, […]

Creating a Budget for Y..

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We spend a lot of time coming up with blog posts, social media promotion and organizing our editorial calendar. The one area that usually gets overlooked is your blog’s budget. Running a blog requires money and if you want to run your blog like a business then creating a blog budget is crucial. Over the […]

I Am The Milk

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Happy Monday! Let’s get this week started with our featured blogger I Am The Milk IAMTHEMILK, my blog, was born when I was about 8 weeks postpartum with my second son and I caught myself thinking “I’m ready!” when my husband told our older son that his milk was waiting after bathtime. I’ve been blogging […]

How to Relieve Stress D..

how to releive stress

The holidays are upon us, like it or not. If you’re looking for sure-fire ways on how to relieve stress during the holidays, then keep reading! This time of year can conjure up the best of feelings or the worst, and seemingly all at the same time. How to Relieve Stress During the Holidays Women […]

December 14: Share Your..

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Good morning SITStah’s! Is everyone getting ready for the holidays? I don’t know about you but I feel like I still have so much to do! For now I’m going to forget about everything that still needs be done and enjoy Sharefest! How To Play Along with #SITSSharefest When it comes to helping bloggers connect […]

Thousands in Cash from ..

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Our 12 Days of More giveaway series continues, thanks to Cottonelle! Between now and Friday, December 20, we’ll be making it possible to win CASH (via American Express giftcards)…daily. And all we want to know is: What do you want 25% more of this holiday season? #MoreIsBetter on Pinterest We love that 25% more Cottonelle […]

A Complete Waste of Mak..


Today we are featuring our Flash Featured Blogger! Give a big welcome to A Complete Waste of Makeup. If you’re looking for a well rounded blog that talks about a little of everything, you’ve found it! A Complete Waste of Makeup came to be after a rough patch when I realized that sometimes we just […]

Free Cookie eBook: Down..

free ebook

Last year this time, we asked you, the SITS Girls, to contribute your favorite cookie recipes for a free cookie ebook, and you answered the call. We received many delicious contributions, and compiled them all into an ebook, put together by our favorite designer,?Cynthia of Nap Warden. We not only released a cookie ebook, we […]

Runnin SriLankan

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Today’s featured blogger is Runnin SriLankan. You will find encouragement, inspiration and much more so much sure to stop on by! I am a thirty something working mom to one homosapien and 2 canines, and stumbled into the blogshere hoping to keep track of recipes as I am horrible at writing things down; and post […]

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